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Friday, June 12, 2009

Recycling In Retrospect When Hard Drive Is Full

Retrospect is a handy back-up management software which anyone can use to automate a back-up for important files at work or at home. Those of you who have never used it and are looking for a back-up solution should consider taking a look at it. Now for those who have been using it, some of you have probably came to a point where Retrospect cannot back-up anymore due to insufficient space. What to do? Well here I will enumerate a step by step procedure on how to 'reset' your hard drive so that it can go about its back-up business until it needs to be 'reset' again. The following procedure may be customized to meet your needs:

  1. open retrospect
  2. automate
  3. scripts
  4. double click "EasyScript Backup"
  5. click schedule
  6. click add
  7. check "single date" and hit "ok"
  8. enter [todays date] and [adjust time to preferred time]
  9. under action set to [Recycle Backup] to [current backup hard drive plugged in]
  10. click "ok"
  11. click "ok" again
  12. close "Backup: EasyScript Backup" window
  13. click "save" on pop-up window
  14. close retrospect
  15. wait for it to run at the time you specified and it will recycle (reset) your hard drive resulting in more available space for Retrospect to conduct its operations

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