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Saturday, December 31, 2011




CMA Awards

Guest post of the week by Val Flores

Born and raised in the South, it is no surprise that I am a huge fan of country music. There is nothing that will brighten your mood more than a great country song filled with positive messaging and an upbeat tempo. When on a long drive, I find myself always finding the local country music station on the radio and signing along as loud as my voice can go. I always wonder if people think I am crazy as they pass by, but it helps to pass the time. Last week one of my favorite events was on TV, the Country Music Awards. Luckily, I have packages at home and was able to tape the awards so that I can watch my favorite performances over and over again. My favorite country band at the moment is the Zac BrownBand. I simply cannot listen to their music enough! I recently saw them live in concert and I am amazed that they actually sound better in person than on the TV or the radio. Their performance at the CMA Awards was simply perfection. I am a sucker for any awards show and make a point to tape all of them, but there is something about the CMA Awards that will always be my favorite!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mentally preparing myself for the World War Z movie

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Guest post written by Kelsey Garrison

I've read both of Max Brooks's books about zombies and I'm a huge fan of his. I even went and saw him speak about it one time and he was so funny! Well, when I heard that they were going to make a movie of World War Z, I got really excited. But I've definitely been more skeptic about it lately because I'm afraid that they're not going to accurately portray the book like I'd like for them to. I guess that's a concern of a lot of the fans for this and just for when any book gets made into a movie.

I've been checking up every so often with my Dallas wireless internet to see what movie bloggers are saying about the movie now. I do have quite a bit of hope for hte movie. I think that people are just so worried about it because it's taking so long for them to actually make it.

At first I wasn't sure about Brad Pitt being cast in the World War Z movie but I do have hope in him and am curious to see him fending off zombies.


Saturday, September 24, 2011


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Looking for a place to stay in Calgary?  There are sw calgary houses for rent all conveniently located at the metro area.  Transport system is very important when you are traveling around and these apartments are just within reach of the public transport system.  You can easily go to the museum, park, gardens, shopping centers, restaurants and clubs without having to go on long travels.

That's just what downtown Calgary has to offer but if you are itching for some thrill, Calgary still has the right stuff for you.  If winter sports is your kind of thing then you've come to the right place.  Calgary is known for its rocky mountains which cater sporting facilities in Canada.  This is just among the other things you can do in Calgary but if you are just after a whole lot of adventure and sightseeing in the metro, you'll definitely have a blast weaving through the downtown.  You can even enjoy the night looking up to the sky and there you'll see the glow of the Northern Lights.

Calgary has been a host for festivities and events like the Film Festival, Folk Music Festival, Comedy Festival, Greek Festival, etc.  One of its best known event is the Calgary Stampede held every July since 1912 which features a 10-day rodeo and exhibition.  How can you ever be bored in a place where there's so much to do?


Friday, September 23, 2011

Berlin Holiday Rentals

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Berlin is the capital city of Germany and one of its largest city too.  It is a place where forests, parks, lakes, gardens and rivers can be found within the city area.  Berlin is a city rich in culture, politics, media and science.  It is also renowned for institutions like universities, museums, sportinng events, orchestras and popular site for film productions.  No wonder tourists love to visit the great old charm of Berlin where diverse architecture hold such beauty and grandeur.  Traditional festivals, contemporary arts and nightlife are just among the best things you can enjoy in Berlin.

Holidaying in Berlin can be a very exciting experience with all the activities and festivitiesthe city has to offer.  There are many Berlin apartments for your holiday rentals making it more convenient to travel without having to worry much about getting accommodations.  With the help of the handy Berlin travel info, you're sure to have the best city tour ever. offers great budget friendly vacation homessuited for your lifestyle and vacation needs.  You may book ahead even before your travel to make you'll get there with ease knowing where you're heading to after a tiring flight.  Nothing beats the comfort of having everything settled for your much anticipated vacation.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coming up with some new outfits for this semester

Guest post written by Cathy Streamer

One of the best parts about being a teacher is all of the influence that you can have on kids that may not have great influencers at home. Well, I work really hard to be a great example of an adult that's law-abiding, nice, educated and stylish. You remember those teachers that were always nice to you and I want to be remembered by some kids like that too. But then again I also remember the teachers that would always wear the really horrible outfits and I used to take pity of them having to wear things like that. I even thought that they required teachers wear those ugly outfits. I don't want to make that kind of impression on kids.

I was looking online to find some really good fashion deals for this semester and while I was looking through some things on clearance, I came across the site After I looked through it some, I decided to change over my home internet service to one of the packages on there.

I think that I have some really cute outfits put together for this school year. I made a few jewelry purchases and I think those are really snazzing up my old outfits.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Direct TV and Home Security

What could be better than watching Direct TV or Satellite TV after a tiring day.  Taking the time to sit down with the family is very important and usually home bonding can be done by watching TV all together.  This way the whole family can enjoy some great quality time and parents will get to supervise their kids with the programs that they want to see. TV can play a big influence in people's lives that's why one has to be aware of the programs and shows being aired.

With numerous channels and movies to choose from definitely you'll find one that's best for everybody to view.  May it be sports for daddy, cartoon network for kids, soap operas for mommy or travel and discoveries for the entire family, direct TV has all of that.  With packages that are low cost, you can already have the viewing pleasure for the entire family.  Check out what package could be good for your preference, see the direct tv specials and watch your way to a great family TV bonding time.

Find out also how you can add security to your home with home security prattville, an ADT authorized company. Through them, you can get a complete security system with plans that are also low cost and effective. So enjoy watching great programs in a secure home!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Growing my own organic food

Guest post written by Lucy Black

I've been eating organic food for a few years and I have to say that I really think that it makes a difference. I can taste the difference at least, so I'm sure that it is making a health difference for me. I've always been a big gardener with flowers, but I thought that it might be really fun to grow my own veggies. So now I've started growing my own organic veggies in my backyard.

I looked online to do some research about what kind of materials I would need in order to grow my organic veggies. While I was doing that bit of research, I ran across the site After I looked through it some I decided to sign up for one of the internet packages that I saw on there for my home.
So far my organic tomato gardening is going really well. The ones that I have grown have been so delicious. i eat a lot of tomatoes during the summer anyway, but I've had an even better excuse this summer!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Education And Work

Finishing up a degree would cost time and money no matter what kind of program or degree it may be. For those who can't go for the university for such course, there are online degree programs which have more time flexibility and less expensive. There are valuable resources to also help fund your educational dream such as And through places like, anybody can work their way up to finishing a degree at the comfort of his or her time and resources. Don't be discouraged taking up courses if you think you don't have enough funds and resources, there are federal aids for those who wish to pursue their studies. Check out Walden University to get the latest gossip on employment in America to get a rough idea of what to expect once you are done with school and ready to hit the job market. Chance favors the prepared mind.

They say the foundation of a good career is good education. It is indeed a plus factor in advancing to your job career but not necessarily everything it takes to be successful. Hard work and devotion play a big role in any career success. There are many people who finished a degree but later on switched careers which gave them more opportunity and advancement. Some people are lucky enough to have everything all set for them to finish a degree which can later on be used for their future but not all has the same opportunity as others.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Than Just A Scrub

Hospitals have changed their  architectural make-up to appear like hotels with matching colors that are vibrant, outdating the gloomy and all-white appearance. Such change is to give the patients’ the hopeful touch, a happier disposition that can lead to faster recuperation. The hospital atmosphere should be complimented by medical uniforms by the very people who are in constant interaction with patients as well as the relatives who are equally exhausted.

The multiple colors of the hospital personnels’ medical scrubs give an array of light-heartedness, not just for the patients but even to the person wearing it because the person’s moods are affected by the colors and designs of the attire he carries. A medical scrub in light material equipped with pockets make job easier for the pockets can contain the nitty-gritty of tools for easy handling. Medical personnel wearing  light-colored scrubs  do not appear as “monsters” especially to children and deviate the patients’ conventional outlook of hospital confinement.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ticket America Has You Covered

Computer LoopTicket America is the site to go to when you are finding tickets to your favorite sporting event. Whether it is a concert, a game or the theater, they have a huge selection of events to choose from. Find Sacramento Kings tickets and be there for when the action starts. Or maybe you have another favorite team such as the Dallas Mavericks? You can also get your Dallas Mavericks tickets through Ticket America. Whatever the team, whatever the sport, they have it.

Feel free to check out their inventory on Houston Rockets tickets and Memphis Grizzlies tickets. They have plenty of dates available and you can sort their lists by home games only or home and away games. Ticket America keep updating their inventory so if they don't have what you are looking for then you can always check back in at a later time and they might have it. I might have a look myself and check out what Golden State Warriors tickets are available. You can also create an account at their site to have further control of your purchases. Have fun!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Shopping At Blue Sky Scrubs

Computer Loop Public AnnouncementBuying a set of scrubs at Blue Sky Scrubs is as simple as they come. You can find scrubs, scrub hats, jackets, shirts, medical coats and accessories all broken down in separate categories so that you may find exactly what you are looking for without the hassle of playing the guessing game. Blue Sky Scrubs also have a special section on their website for sale items! They may have sale items for children, men's scrubs and women's scrubs.

For those of you looking for quality unique scrubs, then this is the place to visit. How about for those of you who wear white medical lab coats? Well they have those too, they come in two styles, the Bradford Twill lab coat and the Preston Twill lab coat. They take pride in providing a coat that is wrinkle-resistant, teflon-protected 100 percent cotton! You have to see it for yourself to believe it. Happy shopping!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crowd Control Saves

Computer Loop Public AnnouncementCrowd control products help people stay in lines at the bank, for concerts, political events, at the grocery store and anywhere someone needs an orderly line. They keep people safe as well as keep pedestrian traffic running smoothly.

Stanchions are a standard way to do this. There are retractable belts, velvet rope and more ways being developed all the time. You can even have printing done on the belts. There are so many options available nowadays that are affordable and reliable.

Barricades are for traffic control, security and privacy. There are fence barricades, traffic cones, pipe and drape walls all of which do the same thing, to control traffic.They keep people from going places they should not be going and they direct traffic flow when used and placed properly. Crowd control saves effort and can do a lot on it's own.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Steam Team

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Having pets can be a hard task when it comes to cleaning. Carpets and furniture usually collect tons of pet hairs and all other things. We all know that it's unhealthy for us to be exposed to such things therefore it's a must to keep a tidy home at all times. You wouldn't want to inhale all those furs your dear pets have shed. That is why there are company's dedicated to do these tasks for you. And if you do want to do the job yourself, than check out upholstery cleaning tips austin.

It's good to keep things clean that's why steam carpet cleaning service austin is a must. Pet stains and odors will soon be gone with their thorough treatments for a stain free and odor free carpet and upholstery. Entrust your valued wicker furniture to the wicker furniture cleaning austin specialist, rest assured that furniture will be restored to its old beauty. May it be a leather couch or leather seat cover in your car, you can trust the upholstery cleaning supplies austin uses. Austin can get you all covered for services guaranteed at its best.

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